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We welcome you and your family to our blissful Makan, Arabic for “place”, where we serve authentic Syrian-style Shawarma and Falafel, which originates from a very special Makan in Syria.


With the inception of our first shop in Birmingham City Centre, our vision is to build a unique Syrian fast food brand and expand our business rapidly within the next few years, as we continue to hone our irresistible blend of Aleppo spices, ingredients and exclusive fast foods to better serve you.


Our quality shawarma and falafel recipe comes to you directly from Syria – considered by many to be a local foodie’s delight – and boasts a unique blend of traditional Syrian spices and ingredients. To round it all off, we add our extra-special blend of sauces which will leave you craving for more.

We have only the freshest meats and vegetables in our shawarmas to serve the healthiest fast food possible. Add to this our freshly baked in-house bread and direct-from-Syria spices, and you are in for a truly unique taste and mouth-watering experience.


We believe in delivering a nutritionally sound gourmet shawarma experience – our products contain zero preservatives and additives. We want you to experience a taste of the Syrian fast food life in the healthiest way possible, which is why we only hire chefs who understand the originality and authenticity of this unique food.

Freshly Baked

Enjoy 100% freshly baked bread that is prepared in-house to go along with our variety of Shawarmas and Falafel. Soak in our special blend of spices, direct from the old food capital of Syria, Aleppo. We offer two unique and freshly baked typed of bread – the Buffy Fluffy is perfect for those who enjoy a more rounder, more filling and hearty bread in their Shawarma, while the thin-layered Light Delight is ideal for the weight conscious. 

If you want to enjoy the freshest ingredients and authentic spices from Syria along with our signature freshly baked bread, come dine at our Makan. We care for you and your family’s wellbeing – our ingredients are fresh and our unique menu choices are fun for the whole family. In fact, we have a standalone menu just for kids.     

The infamous Syrian capital is where our scrumptious food stems from – we invite you to come dine in our fast food Makan and walk away with the experience of a lifetime.

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